FORS Gold accredited Fleet

The Toureen Group operates a fleet of specialised vehicles to ensure flexibility and service for all of the Group’s requirements.

The large goods vehicles fleet consists of:

  • Arctic and trailer combinations which enable the delivery of a wide range of heavy plant machinery and piling rigs to sites
  • Eight wheeler plant vehicles fitted with Hiabs which allow machinery, containers, framework and formwork to be placed in the tightest of site challenges,
  • Eight wheeler tipper lorries enabling the control of delivering both recycled and primary aggregates and the disposal of excavated soils to the Group's facilities and third parties. Disposal to landfills is avoided unless absolutely necessary, all disposals are to licensed facilities ensuring that the duty of care is always complied with. The Group offers removal of hazardous and non-hazardous soils including hydrocarbon, heavy metals and asbestos contamination.

Having its own fleet of vehicles enables the Group to keep tight control over all logistic movements across its sites, ensuring any site traffic access plans are adhered to in accordance with the site traffic plan.

The Toureen Group has reached FORS Gold accreditation and are CLOCS Champions which is highly recognised within the construction industry. This has been achieved by continually investing in its fleet of vehicles, consistently updating old fleet to new, in order to keep up with the latest legislation and emission levels. 

All fleet vehicles are fitted with the latest and most up to date safety equipment ensuring the highest quality of safety for road and site users. Vehicles are fitted with 360 degree cameras and side scan technology which enables drivers to be acutely aware of pedestrians and cyclists at all times.

All of the Toureen Group's fleet drivers are fully trained and regularly attended recognised workshops and training courses lead by industry professionals in road safety.

With a modern fleet of vehicles at its disposal and professionally trained drivers, the Toureen Group can offer a full logistics package at a high standard and quality. 

FORS Gold accredited Fleet