Project Profile: Palace Garden Terrace, London

Walter Lilly
Date of completion
June 2015
Reinforced Concrete Basement London
Reinforced Concrete Basement London

Scope of works


  • The amalgamation of two properties into one dwelling
  • Including the formation of a new basement under the existing properties that extends into the rear garden and under the front vaults 
Reinforced Concrete Basement London

Key project points


  • Top down construction of reinforced concrete slab in the rear garden area and over the new swimming pool

  • Extensive temporary support works for the retention of the front and rear façades

  • Installation of bearing and contiguous piling in a very confined site

  • Installation of permanent reinforced concrete beams and steel stools at an early stage to pick up the front and rear façade walls

  • Demolition of the existing structure over four floors

  • Extensive underpinning works to party walls and below basement vaults

  • Excavation of two-storey basement.

  • Construction of reinforced concrete works to form two levels of basement and swimming pool including deep drainage

  • Superstructure reinforced concrete works from ground floor to roof level

  • Removal of façade retention steelwork

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