Project Profile: North West Cambridge Development

Date of completion
August 2016
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Enabling works, Groundworks to 12 acres of land, 14 rc frames, two large basements totaling 34000m?
Cambridge 1

Scope of works


The reinforced concrete basement project was successfully carried out over three phases and separated into two individual lots:

  • Enabling works and groundworks to 12 acres of land

  • 14 RC frames and two large basements totalling 34000m²

Cambridge 3

Project key points


  • All temporary works designs undertaken and controlled by Toureen, ranging from sheet piling to a depth of six metres to installing falsework to heights in excess of six metres.

  • Work force in excess of 130 operatives

  • Combination of standard reinforced concrete structures and post-tensioned reinforcement

  • Exposed soffit slabs

  • In excess of 12000m² of reinforced concrete decking in use during construction

  • Concrete pours in excess of 250m²