Geotechnical and Structural Specialists

The Toureen Group has an in-house team of geotechnical specialists competent in the design, implementation and appraisal of geotechnical and contaminated land site investigations.

Many of our clients are challenged to maximise the volumes of their developments via multiple level basements or through ever taller structures. Frequently these schemes are required to be built in restricted city centre locations, on land with a legacy of heavy industrial use, or on land that is compositionally difficult to build on due to weak, low pressure bearing soils or high groundwater tables. 

In all of the above scenarios our in-house teams of geotechnical and environmental engineers are ideally suited to working with our clients to undertake geotechnical and or contaminated land site investigations to enable the development of cost effective design solutions.

Our in-house geotechnical and structural engineers regularly assist our clients to benefit from programme or cost saving value engineering measures ranging from soil stabilisation and alternative foundation techniques to innovative piling and ground support systems.


Areas of expertise include:

  • designing and implementing site specific, intrusive investigations,
  • specifying and employing in situ geotechnical/earthworks specifications,
  • scheduling geotechnical and chemical laboratory testing,
  • interpretation of geotechnical and chemical laboratory reports,
  • generating hydrogeological risk assessments,
  • formation of site specific soil and water remediation strategies,
  • installation of groundwater monitoring wells, analysis scheduling and interpretation,
  • waste classification and coding, undertaking supplementary sampling for laboratory analysis to aid the correct classification and efficient disposal of inert, non-hazardous and hazardous soils,
  • undertaking permitted remediation works that minimise programme disruption, 
  • WAMITAB certified engineers.

Geotechnical and Structural Services