A1 Total Drain Solutions (Internal Drainage)

A1 Total Drain Solutions is the first choice of developers, property owners and building managers looking for a totally professional drainage service.

The vast majority of construction projects require either new wholesale installations or some form of alterations to below ground drainage systems. If defects are present they can cause clients significant disruption and long term costs.

In order to ensure that all drainage installations are 100% fit for purpose, the Toureen Group established an independent CCTV drainage company, A1 TDS, to carry out site audits and recorded CCTV inspections of the drainage system before they are backfilled and reinstated. A1 TDS is able to produce detailed as-built drawings and CCTV reports to be included in operation and maintenance manuals.

Being able to call an A1 TDS operative around the clock is a major benefit to ensuring that clients receive the best possible quality of workmanship. Several significant clients were so impressed with the standard of A1 TDS reports, that they have begun to instruct them directly to assess their portfolios.


A1 TDS mobile CCTV robots can travel along drainage systems of all sizes sending back clear pictures in real time. This information can be saved digitally and uploaded to a dedicated cloud for immediate viewing.


Reports are compiled to WRC industry standards, utilising wincam software.


The Group's fleet is equipped with high pressure water jetters which operate at 20 gallons per minute at 3000psi. Not only is the blockage cleared, but the pipework is cleaned as well!


A1 TDS is able to provide a service 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the United Kingdom.


One method employed is to ‘line’ the pipe with a special fibreglass patch which can be affixed without needing to excavate the pipe, thus saving time and money. The patch is positioned using a CCTV robot and then the mat, which is wrapped around an inflatable ‘packer’, is pressed against the broken pipe and secured with epoxy resin.