Project Profile: Morrisons, Sheldon

Date of completion
August 2018
Petrol Station Redevelopment
Petrol Station Redevelopment

Scope of works


  • Demolition of the existing petrol station

  • Removal of both the existing canopy and existing car wash on site. 

  • Removal of six existing storage tanks on site and the installation of two new storage tanks

  • The reconfiguration of the site to a four pump starter gate and the installation of a brand new forecourt and a new shop fit-out to complete Morrisons' specifications 

Petrol Station Redevelopment

Key points 


  • The site team overcame project challenges that arose such as issues with S278 approval that was required to completely transform the premises into a fresh and modern petrol filling station 

  • Toureen Retail used their wide range of knowledge and expertise to successfully complete the knock-down and re-build project on time, within budget and to the required specifications

The project at Morrisons, Sheldon, was a complete knock-down and re-build of a closed down fuel station


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